The number one cyber risk facing the WORLD!!!

Now that’s a headline! Totally scary and promising deep wisdom about a problem most people feel helpless to address. Most people, but not all. Your cyber security expert or managed IT provider has a bunch of knowledge and compidance. What they lack is communication. So here it is…


The number one cyber risk facing the world is:

A nerd’s in ability to write a compelling business case.

What??? We are at risk because cyber folks lose to marketing folks for technology budgets???


Well let’s put a dent in that problem. I’ll be speaking at BSides Greenville in December 9th and will provide insight and techniques to world class cyber security experts on how to align with the business an move their projects forward.

Adam Anderson

Adam Anderson is the author of Built to Survive: A Business Person's Guide on How to Recover and Thrive After a Cyber Attack. Adam’s 15 years of entrepreneurial startup experience and his knowledge Enterprise Cyber Defense gives him a window into what’s wrong with communication between large and small companies. He combined this knowledge and the good works from the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cyber Security Framework to co-author the book “Small Business Cyber Security”. This book was later turned into an online class by Clemson University. Adam has been active in peer advisory boards for small business CEOs. He took this experience and co-founded a peer advisory board for Chief Security Officers of fortune 500 companies. This mix of small and large businesses has positioned Adam as one of the few people in the world to understand the complete supply chain of cyber security.
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