TEDx Greenville Prep

Today I’ll be shooting a 3-minute video to send into the good folks at TEDx Greenville. It’s a fascinating process trying to take all this stuff I want to say and narrow it down into a consumable few sound bites. This post will be my outline for those three minutes. 


Big idea

Surprising information

The Good News – Three key points

Desired take away.

Introduction- My name is Adam Anderson. I am an cyber security entrepreneur and author.

My big idea  – The problem people are having with Cyber Crime isn’t in the realm of computer science. It’s in the realm of behavioral science.

Surprising information – We spend millions on cyber defense creating cyber fortresses. When done correctly our companies become islands of safety for our intellectual capital, critical infrastructure, and private data. When a large company becomes the latest Hacking Headline the vast majority of those breaches came from a break down in the human side of the equation. Be it clicking on an email or granting access to a less secure vendor, behavioral science is the culprit.

So what’s the good news? We can take these lessons from large company breaches and apply them to our personal lives and small businesses.

1.) Lock down your goals.

2.) Get the technology in place.

3.) Build the habits to reenforce the behaviors that lead to your goals.

Let’s look at a hypothetical small business ransom ware attack through the lens of those three steps.

The small business sets the goal to serve it’s customer’s and builds out a business canvas that shows how their business operates.

Our small business follows the guidelines of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cyber Security Framework and has policies, processes, and technology in place to keep 98% of the bad actors out.

They know from this process that the most likely attack that will work on them is a Phishing attack. This means they need their employees to create habits around safe email conduct. Using behavioral science they set up aligned incentives for email behaviors they desire and provide the tools needed to monitor that behavior and reward desired outcomes.

My hope for you, regardless if you are dealing with cyber crime as an individual or as a company, is to realize that you don’t have to be a victim.

Here is the finished product….

Adam Anderson

Adam Anderson is the author of Built to Survive: A Business Person's Guide on How to Recover and Thrive After a Cyber Attack. Adam’s 15 years of entrepreneurial startup experience and his knowledge Enterprise Cyber Defense gives him a window into what’s wrong with communication between large and small companies. He combined this knowledge and the good works from the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cyber Security Framework to co-author the book “Small Business Cyber Security”. This book was later turned into an online class by Clemson University. Adam has been active in peer advisory boards for small business CEOs. He took this experience and co-founded a peer advisory board for Chief Security Officers of fortune 500 companies. This mix of small and large businesses has positioned Adam as one of the few people in the world to understand the complete supply chain of cyber security.
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