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What Our Happy Clients Have to Say


"After completing the self-assessment I decided to engage with Adam to get a better understanding of my risk. It turns out we are doing a good job at protecting our assets and our systems. It's one thing to think you are OK, it's another to have an expert review and provide feedback.

Matt Ray - CEO


"We spent a half day with Adam and his team reviewing our business processes. We came to the conclusion that as a professional services company, we didn't have to invest in a lot of expensive cyber security software, just modify our business processes to be resistant to cyber breach."

Joe Miliam - VP Sales


“We are in the middle of launching our brewery. Our primary concerns are point of sale and supply chain. We needed to make sure we can get what we need to make beer and have the technology available to meet our customers needs. Adam brought humor and wisdom to the dance. We now have a solid strategy and disaster response plan.”

Nicole Cendrowski - Founder


“One of my major responsibilities as CEO of NEXT High School is providing a safe learning environment. This includes online spaces as well as inside our buildings. Working with Adam gave us the opportunity to think outside of our traditional processes and look at risk and threat from a different perspective.”

Zachary Eikenberry - CEO