Work Place Safety vs. Cyber Space Safety

By Adam Anderson / December 12, 2016

​Companies around the world have work place safety programs and here in the US we even have standards for minimum safety requirements for all workers.  See OSH. The reason for the wide spread acceptance can be broken down in two ways.   First, we are dealing with real human lives and bodies. When something happens…

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By Adam Anderson / December 8, 2016

​​I was lucky enough to share wine and some stories with a group of wonderful people yesterday. One of them was Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, CEO at Herrmann International and co-author The Whole Brain Business. We talked through how the brain works and I was particularity drawn into discussing how beliefs lead to emotions that results in behaviors. If…

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TEDx Greenville Prep

By Adam Anderson / December 5, 2016

Today I’ll be shooting a 3-minute video to send into the good folks at TEDx Greenville. It’s a fascinating process trying to take all this stuff I want to say and narrow it down into a consumable few sound bites. This post will be my outline for those three minutes.  Introduction Big idea Surprising information The Good…

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Behavioral Science: The business owner’s best friend when it comes to cyber security.

By Adam Anderson / November 30, 2016

There are a number of myths around cyber security and how it impacts the small business owner. I hear things like “I’m too small, no one will care about me.” Or “I don’t have anything people would want.” These are most likely true statements if your vision of cyber crime is one of a hacker…

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My research project

By Adam Anderson / November 29, 2016

I’ve tossed my hat into the ring to be a speaker at TEDx Greenville on April 7th. My big idea is that cyber security isn’t a technology problem, it’s a behavioral science one.  I have personally seen how elegant security deployments with air tight processes and procedures based off of intelligent and well thought through policies…

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