Cyber Crime isn’t about computer science, it’s about behavioral science.

By Adam Anderson / May 19, 2017

In April I gave a TEDx Greenville talk about Cyber Crime and Small Businesses. All of the editing and publishing is completed and it is now on YouTube. I’d like to invite business owners to take a look. It’s on the topic of Ransom Ware attacks we’re all facing.  #wannacry anyone? Want to know how you’re doing with…

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Small Business and the White House Cyber Security Executive Order

By Adam Anderson / May 16, 2017

On May 11th the Whitehouse released their new Cyber Security Executive Order.  The question for us small and mid sized business owners is “So what?”. The executive order follows three themes: Cybersecurity of Federal Networks under the Office of Budgets and Management (OBM)  Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructure under the National Institute of Standards and Technology…

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IBM Watson Solves All Your Cyber Security Problems!

By Adam Anderson / May 3, 2017

Well… Not yet.  But we are starting down that road.  I’m in one of the many IBM Watson Build classes going on around the world today.  Our goal is to bring a problem to the smart folks at IBM and see if we can leverage Watson’s super computing power to make an impact.  My big…

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TEDx Greenville 2017

By Adam Anderson / April 7, 2017

I was lucky enough to be granted some stage time today by the TEDx Greenville team.  I truly enjoyed my experience and can’t say enough wonderful things about the people who put on the show.  A worthy group doing worthy things. Session 3 With Adam Anderson on Cyber Security Posted by TEDxGreenville on Friday, April…

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CIA’s Vault 7 leak impact on small- to medium-sized businesses

By Adam Anderson / March 15, 2017

For those who don’t already know, the CIA’s toolbox for cyber espionage was released on WikkiLeaks. The question that interests me the most isn’t “How did this happen?!” No, the question I find interesting is “What does this mean for small businesses?” The answer to that question isn’t very complicated. We know that cyber crime is…

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Small Business vs. Ransom Ware

By Adam Anderson / February 9, 2017

I’ve been listening to the Cyber Wire podcast lately. Fantastic podcast that is a 15-minutes heartbeat that keeps you in the loop on what’s going on in the cyber world. If you are a speaker or talk to people about cyber security, you need this podcast in your life. One of latest episodes had some stunning…

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I’m on a boat… I’m on a boat…

By Adam Anderson / February 9, 2017

I’m finding that it is a lot easier for people to absorb the cyber security message when it has pictures, some kicking tunes, and my strangely comforting voice. Enjoy this public service announcement designed to get people to take a NIST Cyber Framework assessment!

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Easy to create white board Videos? Yup.

By Adam Anderson / January 9, 2017

I just got done creating a White Board Video using the software from VideoScribe. I loved it! In less than an hour I had the thing drawn, recorded, and uploaded to YouTube.   Check out the quick and dirty info-video.

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Should Realtors Care about Hackers?

By Adam Anderson / December 27, 2016

  In my work I often bump into people from all walks of life and professions. One of the common statements I hear from them sounds something like this… “I don’t need to worry about Cyber Security because I’m a small, don’t have anything important, don’t do anything bad online, etc….” The latest round of…

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CSO as a Service

By Adam Anderson / December 19, 2016

Recently I had to close down shop on one of my companies, Atlas Vault.  It was a wonderful company that was focused on addressing the cyber conversation issues between large enterprise and small business. We worked on it for almost 2 years and just didn’t have the funding to deliver the enterprise level solution our…

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