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Kelly believes people are the greatest asset any business has, and to be successful, you need to cultivate your employees and clients. Because of these core values, Kelly’s businesses have an outstanding referral based network that has built and continues to build her businesses.

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It seems like all of my business owner friends are having problems understanding what cyber security solution is appropriate for them. They spend most of their time talking to salespeople who seem to be trying to help, but are actually just pushing whatever product or service their quota is attached to. There isn't anything wrong with that, and as business owners we can all appreciate a good salesperson who knows how to run us through a pain funnel and provide a solution to that pain. We probably should hire them!

Unfortunately this means that you only get what they are selling and you only learn what they are teaching. There is no silver bullet for cyber security. It is a many-step process. The first is to make sure you are equipped to understand what you need before buying software and services that you may not need or worse, may not actually reduce your risk.

We use the National Institute of Standards and Technology's cyber security framework as a baseline as we walk you through a self assessment that lets you know where you stand.

Take the assessment, figure out if you need more information, then find some of those fantastic salespeople and buy only what you need.

Ways to Evaluate How You're At Risk

Security Self-Assessment

Business owners need to know the answer to the question "Should I even care about Cyber Security?" Before hiring expensive consultants or spending money on products you might not need, take 30 minutes and go through our free online Self-Assessment.

You'll get clarity on how well you know your business and if you are ready to address cyber security as a business process, or if you need to act quickly to stop the boat from leaking.

Online Course

The vast majority of business people want to learn at their own pace. They also want to invest the right amount for the right results.

Upon completion of this course:

  • Earn 3 CPE Credits
  • Have a Business Continuity Plan (required for cyber security insurance policies)
  • Triage your Cyber Risk so you know what you should be working on.

Book a Workshop or Speaking Engagement

Sometimes you want to jump to the end of the process and speak to a person.  Element Security Group provides workshops and speakers based off of the Built to Survive Methodology.

If you find that you need help creating your Business Continuity Plan and to understand how it fits with your existing strategic plan, book a free 30 min consult.