A conversation with Onward Nation

I recently was lucky enough to spend some time with Stephen Woessner. He is a legit entrepreneur and has a sixth sense about business and systems.  

He was kind enough to invite me onto his show, Onward Nation, where we covered topics ranging from the psychology of what stops people from taking action to some basic blocking and tackling “cyber hygiene” step business owners can take to drastically reduce their risk.  

In short, it was great fun to talk about a subject I care about with someone who is a master of his craft and so obviously has a mission on his heart to help business owners.

Thank you Stephen!

Give it a listen 

What you’ll learn about in this episode 

  • Eye-opening stats on cyber crime with small business owners

  • How social engineering works

  • Strategies that business owners can use to protect themselves against cyber crime

  • Five key points to follow to build a cyber fortress

  • The importance of moving as much as you can to the cloud

  • Why resilience is a critical skill to master

  • Why getting coaching is the best thing that Adam has ever done

  • Taking care of your hierarchy of needs so you can effectively help other people

  • The importance of getting really good at understanding how your business works

  • Why the only person who matters is your customer

Adam Anderson

Adam Anderson is the author of Built to Survive: A Business Person's Guide on How to Recover and Thrive After a Cyber Attack. Adam’s 15 years of entrepreneurial startup experience and his knowledge Enterprise Cyber Defense gives him a window into what’s wrong with communication between large and small companies. He combined this knowledge and the good works from the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cyber Security Framework to co-author the book “Small Business Cyber Security”. This book was later turned into an online class by Clemson University. Adam has been active in peer advisory boards for small business CEOs. He took this experience and co-founded a peer advisory board for Chief Security Officers of fortune 500 companies. This mix of small and large businesses has positioned Adam as one of the few people in the world to understand the complete supply chain of cyber security.
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