Most companies don't have a plan for when their defenses fail. We make sure you do.

"Cyber Crime isn't a Computer Science problem, it's a Behavioral Science one."

— Adam Anderson, Cyber Security Expert

Adam Anderson Speaking at TEDx Greenville

Ways to Evaluate How You're At Risk

Security Self-Assessment

Business owners need to know the answer to the question "Should I even care about Cyber Security?" Before hiring expensive consultants or spending money on products you might not need, take 30 minutes and go through our free online Self-Assessment.

You'll get clarity on how well you know your business and if you are ready to address cyber security as a business process, or if you need to act quickly to stop the boat from leaking.

Online Course

The vast majority of business people want to learn at their own pace. They also want to invest the right amount for the right results.

Upon completion of this course:

  • Earn 3 CPE Credits
  • Have a Business Continuity Plan (required for cyber security insurance policies)
  • Triage your Cyber Risk so you know what you should be working on.

Book a Workshop or Speaking Engagement

Sometimes you want to jump to the end of the process and speak to a person.  Element Security Group provides workshops and speakers based off of the Built to Survive Methodology.

If you find that you need help creating your Business Continuity Plan and to understand how it fits with your existing strategic plan, book a free 30 min consult.



The number one cyber risk facing the WORLD!!!

Now that’s a headline! Totally scary and promising deep wisdom about a problem most people feel helpless to address. Most people, but not all. Your cyber security expert or managed IT provider has a bunch of knowledge and compidance. What they lack is communication. So here it is…   The number one cyber risk facing…

Absolute Advantage

Absolute Advantage

A big thank you to Kelly Hatfield for hosting me on Absolute Advantage.  We covered a lot of ground about business and cyber security. Everytime I speak with on a PODCast I always learn so much from the smart folks who are hosting and Kelly was no exception. I really enjoyed the fact that we…

Element Security Group

The Cyber Element – Nov 2017

Cyber Crime summary for small business. In the News (From reports in CNN Money, The Hill, CNBC, and ZDNet) In mid-October a bill was introduced to Congress that would allow a company to effectively “hack back” against cybercriminals. The Active Cyber Defense Certainty (ACDC) Act amends the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act anti-hacking law so…

Stop Riding the Pine

Stop Riding the Pine!!!

I was lucky enough to recently be on Jaime Jay’s PODCast “Stop Riding the Pine“.  For those who don’t know, stop riding the pine is hockey speak for getting off the bench and get into the game!  I love that imagery!  So much of what we want out of this world is on the other side…